Protection from Online Pharmacy Scams & Frauds – Complete Guide

In this internet era most people use the internet to solve their health problems, and some of them go to buy online medicines.

But most of buyers don’t know that many of these internet pharmacies are unregistered and illegal, and buying medicines from them is extremely unsafe.

Illegal Pharmacy & Scammers Attraction

The most famous category which is favorite of illegal pharmacies and scammers is erectile dysfunction and cholesterol. These illegal or unregistered pharmacies sell medicine such as Viagra for erectile dysfunction and Lipitor (Atorvastatin) for lowering cholesterol at very cheap price without any prescription.

But buying medicine online without any prescription or specially from unregistered pharmacy is very risky. Because medicine should like element only taken under the direction of a doctor or a healthcare professional. Before taking any medicine or drug ask them is it suitable for you or not?

Buying medicine from an illegal or unregistered website could be risky or dangerous to your health because is might me out dated, fake or diluted.

So, protect yourself and others from buying medicines online.

FDA Notice

FDA is very serious about American citizens health and they try their best to stop these illegal or unregistered pharmacy websites. Every year or month U.S Food and Drug Administration send notices and warns many online pharmacies to stop selling harm full medicines that might cause serious health issues and cause death.

This rogue internet pharmacies try to show that they are legit and often prominently display Canadian flag or American flag, but these may actually operated by criminals from other different countries around the globe with no license.

So, now question arises how can you find which pharmacy is legal or not? Then don’t worry because at we make reviews of these rogue internet pharmacies.

And also you can check the FDA BeSafeRx to find out legal online pharmacies and helps to avoid fake online pharmacies.

What is Rogue Internet Pharmacy

Rogue internet pharmacies or drug store sell medicines without any prescription and have no license to sell medication and operated by criminals around the globe.

Here is a brief guide how you can Avoid Rogue Online Pharmacies

Signs of Rogue Internet Pharmacy

Avoid online pharmacies that:

  • Allows you to buy medicine without any prescription.
  • Do not have U.S license to sell medication or can’t be able to answer your question.
  • Offer very low cost medications that hears too good.
  • Send spam or unprompted email offers cheap medicine.
  • Are not located in United states.

Why buying medicine from these rogue pharmacies is not profitable :

  • Have so much or too little active ingredients need to solve your diseases or issue.
  • Contain the harmful or wrong ingredients.
  • Not having the right active ingredients.

Also, these medicines may will not have been stored properly, like in a warehouse minus mandatory temperature controls, which may cause the medicine to be ineffective in curing the disease or condition when you taking it.

What is Active Ingredient

The active ingredients is the main part of a medicine which helps you to cure you diseases or issue. If medicine not contains the right active ingredients or contains unknown active ingredients that might it may not help you to treat your diseases or condition. And also might it interact with other medicines and cause dangerous side effects, or may cause dangerous health issues, such as allergic reactions.

Signs of Safe Online Pharmacy

A online pharmacy is safe or legal, If they :

  • Require a valid prescription by a physician or another authorized health care professional.
  • Are accredited from the state board of pharmacy, or equivalent state service. (To confirm the licensing status of a pharmacy assess your country board of pharmacy.)
  • State-licensed pharmacist available to answer your questions.
  • Are located in United States or provide street address.

If we missed up something then please let us know.

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